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Anonymous sent: Hi James, I hope you do not mind these endless questions about ASOIAF. What do you think of Cersei? Do you think she is/ ever was a good player at all? Do you think her POV chapters improved her or ruined her character? Thanks!


Cersei is a character that I love to hate but it’s complicated because I don’t hate her at all. She’s one of my favourite ASOIAF characters, which is strange because I often tend to pick favourites if I admire their moral values. And Cersei’s moral values are questionable at best. (Though to be fair, this is true for almost all ASOIAF characters.)

I also happen to love complex characters. Probably that’s why Cersei is one of my favourites. And her POV chapters definitely improved her character. Before AFFC, it was so easy to dislike Cersei and dub her as “the evil bitch” - a characterisation that I abhor, by the way. Before we got POV chapters from her, she was… let’s see, Robert’s wife, the hostile sister, sadistic Queen, the woman who killed Ned. More or less. And these are hardly told in positive tones. But once we started getting POV chapters of her, we started understanding the motivation and thoughts behind her actions. Whether you agree with them or not, I’d say that’s a definite improvement.

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